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dead end puke

Laura Harrington comes to regret eating that whole chocolate pumpkin pie and all those kettle chips (from Dead End).


warren mcdowell

Lindsay Anderson’s blue eyed boy Malcolm McDowell & contemporary UK TV Zelig Marc Warren: Two Peas In A Pod!


  • A Clockwork Orange – Oooh me eyes! Hang on a minute… I’m ‘better’ now!
  • If…., O Lucky Man! & Britannia Hospital – From Bren gun/flying leathers public school anarchy übercool via coffee conspiracy to sub-David Sullivan sex comedy-cum-Carry On noblocks in fourteen short years!
  • Time After Time – Best time travel rollick that’s not BTTF meets best spec fiction Ripperology that’s not A Study In Terror!
  • Blue ThunderAirwolf? We shit ’em!
  • Our Friends In The North – Benny Barratt. No words necessary.
  • Caligula – Bob Guccione fiddles with himself whilst Rome burns!
  • Appearing in every single B-movie, TV drama & cartoon in the 90s!


  • Band Of Brothers – Oooh me eyes! Hang on a minute… They’re better now!
  • Grange Hill & An Ungentlemanly Act – Love-across-the-classes public school debating team sub-plot! Leather jacketed motorcycle Boy’s Own Falklands hero!
  • Bring Me The Head Of Mavis Davis – Best ISIHAC-referencing movie title ever!
  • Young Indiana Jones – The Red Fucking Baron!!!
  • State Of Play – Dominic Foy. No words necessary.
  • Hustle – BBC Style-Over-Substance Dept fiddles with itself whilst characterisation is thrown through the shredder!
  • Appearing in every single British drama on telly and at the pictures since the 90s!

Malcolm McDowell & Marc Warren: Two Peas In A Pod 8)