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warren mcdowell

Lindsay Anderson’s blue eyed boy Malcolm McDowell & contemporary UK TV Zelig Marc Warren: Two Peas In A Pod!


  • A Clockwork Orange – Oooh me eyes! Hang on a minute… I’m ‘better’ now!
  • If…., O Lucky Man! & Britannia Hospital – From Bren gun/flying leathers public school anarchy übercool via coffee conspiracy to sub-David Sullivan sex comedy-cum-Carry On noblocks in fourteen short years!
  • Time After Time – Best time travel rollick that’s not BTTF meets best spec fiction Ripperology that’s not A Study In Terror!
  • Blue ThunderAirwolf? We shit ’em!
  • Our Friends In The North – Benny Barratt. No words necessary.
  • Caligula – Bob Guccione fiddles with himself whilst Rome burns!
  • Appearing in every single B-movie, TV drama & cartoon in the 90s!


  • Band Of Brothers – Oooh me eyes! Hang on a minute… They’re better now!
  • Grange Hill & An Ungentlemanly Act – Love-across-the-classes public school debating team sub-plot! Leather jacketed motorcycle Boy’s Own Falklands hero!
  • Bring Me The Head Of Mavis Davis – Best ISIHAC-referencing movie title ever!
  • Young Indiana Jones – The Red Fucking Baron!!!
  • State Of Play – Dominic Foy. No words necessary.
  • Hustle – BBC Style-Over-Substance Dept fiddles with itself whilst characterisation is thrown through the shredder!
  • Appearing in every single British drama on telly and at the pictures since the 90s!

Malcolm McDowell & Marc Warren: Two Peas In A Pod 8)