Piss & Vinegar #002: Krótki Film O Zabijaniu

Piss & Vinegar #002 - Krótki Film O Zabijaniu/A Short Film About Killing
I’m getting all blocked up with MPMs, so please excuse the glut of human filth that shall soon ensue, beginning with the piss tray from Krótki Film O Zabijaniu, a/k/a/ A Short Film About Killing.

Filmed through yellow and brown filters in an evocative late eighties Warsaw, Krzysztof Kieslowski’s 1988 film is a feature-length expansion of one of the shorts in his Dekalog sequence, juxtaposing a young man (Miroslaw Baka as Jacek Lazar) and his senseless murder of taxi driver for money with the state and its own brutal killing of Lazar in the name of just retribution.

I’m sure it’s all serious points being made about anomie or alienation or existentialism or whatnot, but fucksakes, this Lazar dude is a fucking muppet, so it’s no surprise when he gets picked up by the Polski radics so sharpish. Inarticulate, scared, stupid, Lazar’s fate was written in the spilled blood of his victim, and there is nothing his state defender (Krzysztof Globisz as Piotr Balicki) can do except provide a poetical stage from which the young killer can exit, left (or rather, down, and quick about it)…

Krótki Film O Zabijaniu a/k/a/ A Short Film About Killing - the West Brom fansSo that’s where the piss tray comes in – Kieslowski likes the grubby little details of a good socialist death as much as he likes 6th form playwright-style dialogue debating individual versus collective agency of killing. Some solid shit, but not exactly uplifting. Never quite figured out the whole business with the West Brom fans rampaging through the town, though…

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