HonkWatch #025: Between The Lines (S3E7)

HonkWatch #025: Between The Lines (S3E7)

Between The Lines, JC Wilsher’s cop drama about barrelfuls of rotten apples, was one of my favourite series in the 90s. You can’t really fault the primary cast of Neil Pearson, Siobhan Redmond, Tom Georgeson and Tony Doyle, and any programme which portrays coppers as mostly indolent, ignorant, crooked arseholes (now that’s got to hurt…) has to be a winner.

Of course, it suffers from the in-the-headlines plot disease most dramas succumb to at one point or another, and the wacky, spook-heavy third series (‘Tony Clark goes freelance’) does hark back to the regrettable end days of Bergerac; but overall, it’s sterling work.

Anyway, here we have the opening scene from the Marconi deaths-influenced third series episode ‘Unknown Soldier’, in which a defence industry scientist is found dead under his car in the garage. Everyone bar his distraught wife seems keen to have it marked down as a tragic suicide, so she pulls in Clark and co to find out what really happened…


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