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HonkWatch #031: Guest House Paradiso (iii)Finally got round to sorting out the rest of the HonkWatch screencaps from the heavetastic (but otherwise mostly shit) Guest House Paradiso.

This time it’s the turn of the newlywed couple in the bridal suite (though we can only see the young groom, played by James D’Arcy, whom you may remember as the lead in the dewy-eyed drama about the Irish war of independence, Rebel Hearts).

[Just to recap, Eddie and Richie run a crappy seaside hotel. Next door at the nuclear plant, some kind of accident has killed lots of fish, which have been whisked away in order to hide the evidence. But the boys, ever eager to save themselves a few bob on food bills, have managed to procure themselves some of the radioactive seafood without realising the danger, and duly serve it to their guests. Cue green chunks being blown all over the place.]

HonkWatch #030: Underbelly E2Currently I’m watching the first couple of episodes of the new Strine crime drama Underbelly. It’s been causing major ruckus down under because it’s based on real people and real crimes – including stuff which has yet to come to court (hence the injunction the other day banning its broadcast in the state of Victoria).

It’s pretty good so far, all about the Melbourne gangland feuds and killings of the 90s and 00s, something I’d got interested in before I’d even heard about this show. It all links in with stuff like the Painters & Decorators and Chopper Read (Vince Colosimo, Neville Bartos in Chopper, is in it too) and the phet trade and even (tangentially) with the Queensland corruption scandal, which spawned one of my favourite hardboiled Aussie TV movies, The Clean Machine.

But anyways, looks like it might be one to watch.

For the purposes of HonkWatch we see the aforementioned Vince Colosimo as Alphonse Gangitano splattering his cell after being picked up for the infamous Sports Bar brawl, in which he and fellow hoodlum Jason Moran battered the crap out of a pubful of customers for no reason other than, um, well, being deviant, macho, thieving arseholes.

HonkWatch #028: World Of Pub (E2)

Well, it would be rude not to include this one. It’s from the good-but-not-great World Of Pub, which made the radio-to-TV transition in 2001. It’s all about an East End boozer run by two brothers – Barry (Phil Cornwell) and Garry (Peter Serafinowicz) – which in the beginning of each episode undergoes a name change and which burns down at the end, generally as a result of help from Dodgy Phil (Kevin Eldon).

This is from the second episode, ‘Drink’, in which the chaps rebrand their hostelry as sports bar the Gym & Tonic, and get in a giant telly screen to show the Pub Olympics, of which vomiting, obviously, is an event.

PS There’s plenty more heave-ho when the boys are challenged to a drinking contest by a rival landlord…

HonkWatch #028: World Of Pub (E2) part 2HonkWatch #028: World Of Pub (E2) part 3