HonkWatch #028: World Of Pub (E2)

HonkWatch #028: World Of Pub (E2)

Well, it would be rude not to include this one. It’s from the good-but-not-great World Of Pub, which made the radio-to-TV transition in 2001. It’s all about an East End boozer run by two brothers – Barry (Phil Cornwell) and Garry (Peter Serafinowicz) – which in the beginning of each episode undergoes a name change and which burns down at the end, generally as a result of help from Dodgy Phil (Kevin Eldon).

This is from the second episode, ‘Drink’, in which the chaps rebrand their hostelry as sports bar the Gym & Tonic, and get in a giant telly screen to show the Pub Olympics, of which vomiting, obviously, is an event.

PS There’s plenty more heave-ho when the boys are challenged to a drinking contest by a rival landlord…

HonkWatch #028: World Of Pub (E2) part 2HonkWatch #028: World Of Pub (E2) part 3


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