Piss & Vinegar #007: Harry's Game (E2)

Harry’s Game (E2)

All I knew about Norn Ireland spook drama Harry’s Game was that Clannad did the theme tune. Anyway, it’s pretty decent. Ray Lonnen (Willie Caine from The Sandbaggers) is Harry Brown, a Brit soldier sent undercover into the Falls to track down and kill the Provo responsible for killing a cabinet minister on his London doorstep; Derek Casualty Thompson is Billy Downes, his rather ordinary prey.

There’s more than a hint of the Nairacs about Brown, with his flimsy cover and wandering accent, whilst Billy Downes recalls James Frain’s Kenny in Nothing Personal, a footsoldier on the other side of the war. The ending’s damn solid too; not sure whether it’s faithful to the Gerald Seymour novel, but it works well as a punchy TV three-parter.

So, Piss & Vinegar: Whilst Billy makes his way back home, he stops off at a safehouse, where precocious young Theresa (Linda Robson from Birds Of A Feather!) takes a shine to him. Unfortunately for the pair of them, she opens her mouth about her encounter with a wanted man, and word filters back to Harry’s controllers, who get the local Special Branch to put the squeeze on her. She can’t take it, and hangs herself in her cell. Hence dangling legs and urine dripping on a cold cement floor. And they say espionage isn’t sexy.

(PS It’s my first blog in ages – pootie’s been at the vets, but she’s all better now!)


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