HonkWatch #038: Ultraviolet (E4)

Ultraviolet (E4)Never saw Ultraviolet when it first played back in 98 (a quiet stretch in a TVless Totterdown flat), but reupping torrentside I see it’s actually a pretty decent vampire series. Even Jack Davenport is alright, playing a copper who’s dragged into a top secret counter-bloodsucker unit. Other hon menshes go to Idris Elba (latterly known for American stuff like the Brigadier in 28 Weeks Later and Stringer Bell in The Wire), and Susannah House Of Cards Harker. This Life alumnus Joe Ahearne’s script and direction is pretty damn tight too, and Sue Hewitt’s taut little score – swirling, growling and bass-heavy – makes me wonder why she didn’t pick up more gigs on the strength of her work here.

Anyways, here’s Thomas Lockyer (investigative journalist Jacob) stacking the ceramic (and ouch, if that’s not the cheapest toilet seat in the old Index catalogue).


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