Piss & Vinegar #008: The Welsh Great Escape

The Welsh Great Escape

So apparently there was some breakout from a POW camp in Wales during WWII. Seems these German prisoners made a dash for it. One gefreiter hid himself in a bush, where he got himself a midnight shower courtesy of some squaddie staggering home from the pub. According to The Welsh Great Escape, at least.

  1. herman said:

    Yes indeedy bris, apparently there was an attempted break out in that old pow camp near Bridgend.

    We used to pass the camp (with some buildings intact) on our way to the seaside at Porthcawl. Don’t know if it is there anymore as roads change- new by passes etc and its been a fair number of years since I have taken a trip to seaside.

    The old camp buildings (that were alongside the main road) facinated me as a kid.

    btw drop me an email, i’ve lost your contact details since I reformatted hard drive. Don’t forget now!

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