From Here To Shiternity #007: Shrek


One more for the road, it’s a From Here To Shiternity and it’s definitely borderline.

The other week I went round Eastville Park with my mate Andy (he of the harsh musical opinions) to walk a dog, and I got talking about all the Motion Picture Motions stuff I’ve been doing. I said how I’d noticed what had seemed to have been a distinct and relatively recent rise in the number of scenes in TV and film in which you actually see people puking; but that this contrasted with how few (in comparison) I’d seen with crapping and hosing. I think at that point there was a straight 8:2:1 ratio between sick/piss/shit emerging. I wondered out loud whether it was some kind of sexual thing, or to do with taboos surrounding ‘hidden’ body parts. I pondered the recent willingness of dramatists to take us into the toilet and the bathroom, when once this was strictly exeunt left territory. In fact, at least half of the lake endured such musings as we mooched round it.

But basically, what I’m trying to say is that I simply can’t get by with the same strictness in Shiternity and P&V as with Honk without risking a runaway race, with a trail of diced carrots and pea soup dribbling at high speed into the distance and over the horizon. No, we need to stick some stabilisers on this fucker and give it a helping hand.

Accordingly I’m letting non-faecally explicit scenes pass muster, as with this one from the opening to Shrek. So long as we are left in no doubt that a throne has received a mighty sceptre (and hear we have just heard Shrek going about his business, with the bonus of him using a book of fairy tales as an improvised source of Andrex), then it’s getting a green light. As long as we’re clear on this.


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