Piss & Vinegar #010: Phoenix Nights (S2E4)

Phoenix Nights (S2E4)

Now for a bit of Phoenix Nights.

After Brian Potter lost his licence following the whole burning down incident at the end of the first series, he’s been trying to score a decent line in cheap booze to peddle, and after a chance encounter with reps promoting a new Japanese beer at the cash-and-carry, he’s secured the rights for the UK launch of the brew, Kamikaze Lager. This logically leads us into a quiz night, with a year’s supply of Kamikaze for the winning team; Potter and his arch-nemesis Den Perry (he who actually burnt down the Phoenix) both enter teams. Meanwhile Jerry has thrown a hissy fit over his regular night being relegated to the back room, and managed to wash down his cocktail of medication with a pint of saké by mistake, which has the result of sending him a little over the edge.

It all comes together with Potter’s team of ringers victorious over Perry’s champions and scooping the booze prize, whilst a most intoxicated Jerry passes out on his back beneath a geyser of piss of his own creation.


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