HonkWatch #048: The Street (S1E4)

The Street (S1E4)

Much like a film heralded as “John Carpenter’s” is not necessarily directed by him, “Jimmy McGovern’s The Street” is not wholly written by him, but it is a pretty good series, currently at the second season mark. The premise is simple enough, just the interconnected lives of various households in a single Manc street. Hmmm… Sound familiar? But whilst the storylines are sometimes a little whatever’s-been-in-the-papers-lately, it is meatier than a certain soap.

In this HonkWatch we have the friend of an aspiring young footballer lying beneath an eruption of emesis after a coke binge. It was a while back when I watched it (one month, one day, one hour and one minute since I uploaded the picture, in fact, looking at the timestamp), so excuse my inability to name either character or actor. Pretty impressive puking, though.


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