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Piss & Vinegar #016: Sorted (E1)

Ooops – wee-down-trousers in postie drama Sorted.


This is the GF Newman Law And Order, btw, not the glossy American police procedural. This one’s an altogether darker, more pessimistic view of the ‘criminal justice system’, a four-parter which examines the same series of events from different perspectives – the criminal, the copper, the lawyer and the prisoner.

Here we find armed robber Jack Lynn (Peter Dean – Pete Beale from EastEnders!) reacting somewhat surlily to the prison regime by pissing over the doctor’s desk.

Elsewhere, Derek Martin (Charlie Slater in EastEnders!) plays bent copper DI Fred Pyle, whilst crooked solicitor Alex Gladwell is given life by Ken Campbell (erm… Ken Campbell! Dude with the eyebrows!).

If you’ve never seen this downbeat, documentary-style mini-series from 1978, and you like things such as, say, Scum and McVicar, then hunt it down, it really is worth it.

Small child vomiting is always made of win (and yes, it is yet another blood heave rather than genuine gut splatter), especially if it’s in a flagship entertainment show like Hustle.

Two points about Hustle: Firstly, the last series really was rather oinque*. Secondly, are any of the cons in it not already known to viewers who have seen The Sting, The Grifters, House Of Games or The Spanish Prisoner?

* Okay, so the whole thing is pretty much just glossy, colour-saturated, stutteringly-edited bread-and-circuses, but it does have a certain charm to it.