HonkWatch #074: Skins (S2E9)

All that drinkin’ and pillin’ and tokin’ and powderin’ catches up with Chris and his Big Nasty Brain Disease in the penultimate episode of the second series of Skins.

Skins, in case you didn’t know, is a television programme about the lives of fashionable middle class teens set and filmed in Bristol. Not being a broadcast viewer, and being excluded from the whole 4oD shenanigans, and thinking it all sounded a bit wank, I only recently got to see it.

My chumley Shells had raved about it, as did the GLW, who teased me with the first couple of episodes. It’s all a bit too aspirational for my taste, but it is very watchable. As a reward to my lovely ladyfriend, I took her on a quick tour of some of the filming locations that I had recognised in the course of my viewing. What a gent.


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