Young, Gifted & Slack #002: Jake Wood

I’ve been away for a looong weekend again, so I have a backlog of pointless posts to make.

My offline life’s complications seem to have become less kinetic, so at the moment I am enjoying things settling down into a rich sediment of happiness: before the month’s end my LLF should be firmly ensconced in the BunKRS 🙂

*Touches wood*

With this in mind, here’s me poking at that backlog of pointless posts with a bent-out-of-shape coathanger of synchronicity:

  • The LLF has somehow got me hooked back on EastEnders;
  • There is a copperheaded character in it called Max Branning;
  • Lurking on my hard drive was a screengrab from media-invents-war satire Scoop of a gingernut-topped child flogging newspapers;
  • That child (obviously) is – was – forever will be – Jake Wood, who is – was – for the forseeable future at least, will continue to be – the aforementioned Max Branning.

And so the circle is squared, etc.

TBH I thought he was a lot more ubiquitous than his IMDb entry suggests. Perhaps he just has one of those faces. A stunt redhead.


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