Framed Documents #008: Skins (S2E7)

Skins (S2E7)

As previously mentioned, my LLF got me into Skins. It’s a bit wanky and aspirational, and on that count I prefer As If, but it is set in Bristol.

Here we learn Tony’s address:


In case you were wondering, no, it’s not a real address. Southville is a genuine area, with the BS3 postcode, but Kingswood Crescent doesn’t exist.

  1. Natali said:

    And to their credit, they shot extensively in the BS3 area and aside from their really awful continuity, didn’t try to present the area as anything it’s not.

  2. You’re up blogging late! Shouldn’t you be out enjoying youthy things in a nightclub or somesuch, or are you over in Obamaland? 😉

    As for Skins, I want to get up on the Kingsdown flats to get some pics for a compare-and-contrast montage on Maxxie’s rooftop Billy Elliot moment 😎

  3. Natali said:

    I always forget to reply to comments I leave on blogs – I have a shit sleeping pattern right now because all I have to go on my visa = 1 interview. And I’m not working, so I’m left to filling in time leaving comments on random blogs across the inter…scape…

    Also, going out is overrated, I burned out by the time I was legally allowed to get drunk down the Bierkellar.

  4. The Bierkeller?! Oh my! You weren’t a Kandi Kid were you? 😮

    Well, nothing wrong with insomniac bloghopping 😉

    I’m sure it will all pan out fine – visa, second wind, the whole shebang. Just keep on keeping on and all that jazz!

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