Framed Documents #029: Breaker Morant

Breaker Morant

Lieutenant Handcock (Bryan Brown) composes a last letter to his wife from the condemned cell in Breaker Morant:

Dear Polly

I have but an hour […] cast and altho my brain […] for four long weary months I […] from wanting you a few last […] going to find out the grand secret […] will face my God with the firm belief […] innocent of murder and I obeyed my orders […] and served my King as I thought best.

If I over steped [sic] my duty I can only ask my People & country for forgiveness.

Take care of little Allison for me at all costs. They You were my greatest comforts [sic] at home & my greatest trouble now. I hope my country will see my children cared for. I will die brave for the sake of all. God forgive any enemys [sic]. I give you peace for ever. I have not heard if my brother Eugene was killed in the wretched war or not. But if not tell him […] will I have gone to rest. Tell Willie & Peter to be good to their sister. God be with you in your trouble.

Your loving husband

Peter Handcock


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