Screen Surgery & Film First Aid #001: Shooter

Arrrgh! I’ve been shot! But as I’ve been framed for an assassination I didn’t commit and am a fugitive from law enforcement, I can’t go to a hospital until I’ve cleared my name!

Fortunately I’m a retired Scout Sniper with a whole lot of Marine Corps training, so I reckon I can patch myself up till I can get me some proper medical attention. Having stolen an FBI car, I have a whole first aid kit to rummage around in. Let’s have a look see…

Shooter (1)

Aha! QuikClot! Just the job…

Shooter (2)

QuikClot is

a granular product that [is] poured directly on wounds to stop bleeding. It works by adsorbing water from the blood, Shooter (3)concentrating the clotting factors, activating platelets, and promoting steps in the coagulation cascade. It is composed of zeolite, a molecular sieve that traps molecules in a molecular “cage” and holding the trapped species by forming hydrogen bonds. The bond formation generates heat…

Generates heat?! Arrrgh!!!

*Nearly faints*

  1. Erin Cross II said:

    Cool Post! Thanks for it! I have one question though. How did he knock himself out with nitrous oxide? I know “people” do nitrous recreationally. I’ve seen them do it and I’ve never seen anyone be able to take in enough to knock themselves out for long enough to have surgery performed on them. Or knock themselves out period. They just fall over for a minute and go into the ethers. Than again, swagger was probably extremely tired and weak so his body just said fuck it? Maybe the nitrous was the kick he needed to pass out? Anyways, just trying to figure out how this bad ass survives so I can be the next Erin Cross. 🙂

    • Nitrous oxide has long been used as an analgesic or anaesthetic, such as during dental treatment or in childbirth. If it’s good enough for women shitting bowling balls I reckon it’s good enough as a quick fix for a movie hardman doing a bit of DIY field surgery!

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