Mystery Pic #015

Mystery Pic #015

As ever, guess the film from the still, and place your answer in the comments below 🙂


Some interesting guesses, but none got it right – it’s Road House.

Road House title screen

    • Ooh, fast work!

      Good guess, but I’m afraid it’s not correct. Have another go!

  1. I see a Robin Williams-shaped pattern emerging here…. Sorry, wrong again Noel!

  2. ah, strangely it had nothing to do with Robin Williams….. and why is it tagged three monkeys when there are four? maybe that is a clue.

  3. Aha – true, there are four monkeys in the model, but it illustrates the three monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil), so I just tagged it that way so anyone looking for such a picture could find it.

  4. leds said:


  5. leds said:

    i just realised someone already guessed jumanji….oops. i’m getting stoned…..

  6. Here’s a clue – 2 nouns combined, to elicit a prescribed response!

  7. wow you are one smarty-pants huh. good clue though.

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