Mystery Pic #029

Mystery Pic #029

Decode the picture and identify the film – place your answer in the comments.


PhilC nailed it with the second guess – it’s Nick Love’s 80s Costa Del Crime flashback The Business.

The Business title screen

  1. Oooh – definitely on the right track…

  2. Slam dunk! Yes, it’s from Nick Love’s The Business.

  3. philc said:

    Credit to Nigel M for pointing me in the right direction. I couldn’t get Scarface out of my head.

  4. I know Nick Love has a tendency towards overemphasising the posturing, preening side of masculinity and its testosterone-fuelled violence, but I think that he is an excellent director with a fine future – should he ever wean himself away from the two-dimensional subject matter he generally settles on.

    His camera work can be exceptional – check the framing of the estate in Charlie Bright, the pan up to the aeroplane at the beginning of The Business – and his editing is spry and lean. And he clearly has a strong rapport with his little rep company (Dyer, Manookian, Hassan). If only he could move away from hooligans and gangsters!

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