Mystery Pic #033

Right – it’s back… Now, I don’t remember this from when I watched this film for the first and only time many moons ago, but it was there clear as anything when I spooled though it today. I reckon you’ll either instantly get it, or it’ll be another notch on the blog bedpost.

Place your bets, please!


PhilC got this straight off the bat – it’s Zardoz.

  1. philc said:

    Want to see Sean Connery wearing a nappy? Watch Zardoz.
    Brilliantly bonkers John Boorman (?) film

  2. Dang it – yes, as predicted, either a slam-dunk straight off or it was going to linger like trenchfoot on a saddle tramp.

    Another point to Mr Chamberlain – it is indeed from the supremely odd Zardoz.

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