Piss & Vinegar #059: The Long Kiss Goodnight

Again, my memory’s shot through, but this is definitely The Long Kiss Goodnight (a rollicking good little comedy thriller with Geena Davis as a soccer mom who discovers she was once an assassin), and I’m half-certain this is old flame Craig Bierko watering his herb garden.

  1. milgram said:

    Nope not Bierko. Post-metamorphosis assassin leaps over the fence in her back garden carrying an assault rifle, finds fat kid from her class smoking (again) and says something like “what did I tell you about smoking? Give me that. Tell anyone you saw me and I’ll blow your head off.” Kid wets self.
    I love this film.

  2. Gah, I’m going to have to rewatch it, aren’t I?!

    Still, excellent silly-but-fun film 😀

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