Young Gifted & Slack #009: Erik King

I haven’t been blogging for ages, apart from the weekly AWIF – turns out these babies are pretty time-intensive – but was watching early episodes of Law & Order (complete with Mike Post’s horrible jangly eighties Seinfeld-on-ketamine theme and looong opening credits) and the missus spotted a couple of doozies in ‘Poison Ivy‘ from series one.

First up was Erik King, best known these days as the pumped up and suspicious ex-Special Forces cop with the cueball bonce, Doakes from Dexter; back in 1989 he was still paying his dues on the studio treadmill, playing the usual profiled roles – the pimps, the drug dealers, the gangsters. At least Silky was a bit more interesting than most, and had a gurt big wine stain on his fizzog for added visual appeal.

Kudos, lady!

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