Framed Documents #141: How To Lose Friends & Alienate People

Ersatz (and lengthy – feel the art department gopher’s pain) magazine copy from How To Lose Friends & Alienate People:

Lepak now has a big project in development with one of the biggest studios around. It has been some time since his deal was negotiated and it is reported that the studio is very keen to see the film made this year. However, Lepak views the situation very differently explaining “You cannot rush art. These things take time and I’m not willing to ruin my reputation and my project just because the money-men want it done quickly. Screw them.”

Lepak has also set up his own production company “Lepak Productions” from which he hopes to develop various projects that are dear to his heart. “With the formation of Lepak PRoductions, I essentially wanted to create an outlet for all my great ideas. Simple as that.”

It is fair to say that Lepak’s style has changed dramatically in the past few months as his success has brought…


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