Framed Documents #142: How To Lose Friends & Alienate People

…And the same article (in an admirably accurate Toby Young style, packed full of clichés) as published in Sharp’s in How To Lose Friends & Alienate People:

Vincent Lepak

Long Live the King

The new King of cult cinema, a dynamic up and coming
director, begins his reign with an ambitious debut

by Sidney Young

The bright young thing started off, as have so many before him, making films with his family’s old Super 8 camera. Inevitably Lepak ended up at the NYU Film School where he was immediately recognised as a talent to be reckoned with. It was at NYU that he directed the highly acclaimed short film Zeitgeist. Touring the festival circuit with his short film brought great rewards for Lepak and deservedly so. Winning awards at almost every major film festival, Zeitgeist has proved a popular choice with critics and juries alike. Unsurprisingly, with a slew of awards under his belt it was not long before the studios came knocking on his door…


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