Framed Documents #188: Idiocracy

A nice double whammy of fake paper clippings (complete with C&P errors, Lieutenant Colonel Collins getting the rather vague title of ‘Officer’ and other boo-boos, which suggest that an overworked art department junior was given the job of mocking these up late into the night towards the end of production) setting up the premise for Idiocracy:

Army Officer Busted
In Attempted
Prostitution Ring!

Corruption, Pornography, Drugs and Pimping at the highest levels in a two month sting operation at a classified army base here in-state

In what may be the single largest federal prostitution and drug ring bust by area official,s a high-ranking officer, Officer Collins, seen on the left in his mugshot, was arrested on several counts of attempted to run and use a call service, which fronted a prostitution ring, and also soliciting several officers for drugs and women. In an verbal partnership with also incarcerated Upgrayedd, he may face upwards of ten to twenty years in prison if found guilty.

The army base itself seems to have served as the base camp of operation for Officer Collins and Upgrayedd. Photos obtained during surveillance and search warrants show that while Officer Collins was

see “Busted” page A16


Upgrayedd Receives
“Double Dose”
of Incarceration

WASHINGTON D.C. – In a related arrest to Officer Collins, a man known only by the pseudonym “Upgrayedd” was also arrested for corruption, pornography, drugs and pimping. According to the police report filed late last night, Upgrayedd was the ringmaster of the operation, supplying Collins with women, drugs, and ‘tude. Upgrayedd research, these 420 crimes are everywhere across the country, surfacing only recently in exposure due to the…

…number of cover operations crimes over 420 in the Ward 8 area alone this month, new research has begun on…


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