The Gang's All Here #002: The Italian Job

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen please, we are about to do a job in, uh, Italy, and I would like to introduce you all to each other.

First, Bill Bailey, he’ll be my number two. Now, you all know Bill, he’s just done three years in Parkhurst, he’s as honest as the day is long and you can trust him.

Second, the getaway – this’ll be done in three Mini Coopers, and they will be driven by Chris, Tony…

…and Dominic. Alright alright alright alright! These chinless wonders’ll get you out of Turin faster than anything on four wheels – remember that.

When we get to the Alps we will transfer to a coach. The coach will be driven by William here. Better known as Big William, for very obvious reasons.

Now, we come to the Professor here. The Professor is in charge of all matters relating to the Turin computer, so I don’t want anyone putting him down because he’s a man of reading. I know that he’s got some, uh, very funny habits, but make him feel at home. He’s very important to the operation.

Finally, and very quickly, I would like to introduce you to all the lads who are going to do the job with me: Arthur…





…Camp Freddie you all know.



…and Lorna will be in reserve with three fast cars in case anything goes wrong, right?

Now, it’s a very difficult job, and the only way to get through it is if we all work together as a team, and that means you do everything I say.

Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) introduces the team in The Italian Job.

Bill Bailey :: George Innes
Chris :: Barry Cox
Tony :: Roger Essome
Dominic :: David Salamone
Big William :: Harry Baird
Professor Simon Peach :: Benny Hill
Arthur :: Michael Standing
Frank :: John Forgeham
Rozzer :: Derek Ware
Coco :: Stanley Caine
Yellow :: Robert Powell
Camp Freddie :: Tony Beckley
Roger :: Frank Jarvis
Dave :: ???
Lorna :: Margaret Blye

Can anyone identify who plays ‘Dave’? He’s not listed in the credits so far as I can see…


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