Empire article

Screenage Kicks started off in August 2007 on my other blog. Years back, in 1991 so it was, I had bought a copy of Empire magazine, in which there was a feature on puking in films: Stand By Me, The Exorcist, Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life… All the classics of chunder. And the memory of that article stayed with me.

Fast forward to 2007 and there is me, watching crap horror flick Dead End. A woman throws up in the dark. I screengrab it. An idea is born. Enter HonkWatch. Quickly I start collecting pictures of actors pretending to be sick on films and in television. This naturally leads to the similarly-themed Piss & Vinegar and From Here To Shiternity. Together they earn the collective name of Motion Picture Motions.

From there it was a short leap to capping bits of onscreen text that on a regular watching isn’t readable (Framed Documents), then mocking ever-present shots up/down a stairwell (Gettin’ High), or over-egged slo-mo man-over sequences (Taking The Fall) and explosions (BOOM!) and and and…

And so it snowballed. Before long my blog was dominated by all this shit – which I soon scraped together under the umbrella name of Screenage Kicks.

Five years on and the time has come to give it its own home.

So here we are.

BristleKRS, January 2013.


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