Brandtastic #002: For Queen And Country

Denzel Washington’s oppo Fish (Dorian Kealy) demonstrates the excellent diuretic capabilities of Tennent’s Super in For Queen And Country, in equal measures both a British blaxploitation action flick and an ambitious, impressionistic state-of-the-nation sketch directed by Martin Stellman (writer of Defence Of The Realm, Quadrophenia and Babylon, as well as Idris Elba’s recent big screen adaptation of Victor Headley’s pulp classic Yardie).

Brandtastic #002: For Queen And Country

Ah, For Queen And Country: featuring the best worst London accent deployed by an American since Dick Van Dyke (and preceding Forest Whitaker in The Crying Game by four years), Denzel Washington’s first big role (if, erm, you exclude 1988’s multiple Oscar/Golden Globe/BAFTA-nominated Cry Freedom) has him as a Commonwealth-born Falklands veteran leaving the army and becoming thoroughly disillusioned with Thatcher’s Britain.

Possibly this made things a bit tricky for the cross-marketing guys; the best they could manage was a bit of product placement involving a crippled ex-squaddie (Dorian Healy) taking a slash whilst taking swigs from a can of Tennent’s Super. Because you’re worth it.