Mystery Picture Quiz

Mystery Pic #100

Well, here we are at last – the one hundredth Mystery Pic Quiz post! Guess the film from the picture and win stuff…



A mere 41 minutes in and first commenter James Marsh has got the right answer: Peter Weir’s The Way Back (2010).

Congratulations to James, and hard luck the rest of you.


To spur you indolent wretches into action, for this round and this round alone I have scoured my shelves for doubles and kicked up a not inconsiderable little treasure trove of DVDs for a prize:

Mystery Pic #100 - prizes (2)

Okay, so they’re all ‘pre-owned’ and some of the keepcase hubs are a bit knackered, and the booklet is missing from the Terminator boxset – but this is free shit, dammit! Sixteen films and four TV series across twenty-five discs!!!

To win, all you need to do is identify the film from the screengrab at the top of this post. That’s it. Post your guess in the ‘Comments’ section below; the first one to the right answer wins.

And not only am I offering up a bounty to encourage you all to enter, this time I am also providing clues…

  1. It’s a film I have previously mentioned on this blog, and one I have watched in the last year (hint, hint…)
  2.  The director has made some big Hollywood pictures, but that’s not how he started out
  3. It’s based on a book about real life events
  4. It features an international cast
  5. You need a fifth clue? Lazy!

Mystery Pic #100 - prizes (1)


Mystery Pic #099

Right – this is the final Mystery Pic before tomorrow’s Mystery Pic Quiz Centenary Post Prize Round Spectacular!

Recognise the film? Then place your guess in the comments below! Think of it as a warm-up for tomorrow’s big one – a massive stack of DVDs is to be won!

Right, well I’m reviving the Mystery Picture Quiz – I have gone through the last few unanswered rounds and identified the film in question to tidy things up.

TBH you chaps need to pull your socks up: the house has accrued an unbroken run of fourteen films; and you lot have only correctly named one film in the last 27! Shameful stuff.

Anyway, we are now into the high nineties; in a shameless bid to stoke up a bit of interest, I will be offering a prize of some description (TBC – probably a bunch of DVDs) to the winner of the Glittering Golden Round #100, which I will post up on the morning of Friday 11 January 2012

In the meantime we will have three teaser rounds for you to warm up on, starting today.

Oh, and below are both the current leader board, and the full list of films posted.

Leader board:

Full log of Mystery Pic films:

  1. Too Late The Hero (Mat D)
  2. Sexy Beast (Nigel)
  3. The Titfield Thunderbolt (Eugene Byrne)
  4. Hackers (no winner)
  5. Taegukgi Hwinallimyo AKA Brotherhood Of War (no winner)
  6. Syriana (Eva)
  7. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (no winner)
  8. The Limey (no winner)
  9. The Exorcist (no winner)
  10. Major Dundee (no winner)
  11. Blow Out (no winner)
  12. Funeral In Berlin (no winner)
  13. Scanners (no winner)
  14. Sorcerer (no winner)
  15. Road House (no winner)
  16. Coogan’s Bluff (Phil Chamberlain)
  17. The People That Time Forgot (John Serpico)
  18. Smokin’ Aces (Scunnert)
  19. Attack (Phil Chamberlain)
  20. The Bridge At Remagen (Phil Chamberlain)
  21. He Walked By Night (no winner)
  22. Wanted (James Barlow)
  23. Men At Work (no winner)
  24. The Keep (UsedUniverse)
  25. Von Ryan’s Express (UsedUniverse)
  26. Kanal (no winner)
  27. Sleuth (Phil Chamberlain)
  28. Roadie (no winner)
  29. The Business (Phil Chamberlain)
  30. Nid De Guêpes (no winner)
  31. Johnny Be Good (no winner)
  32. Strange Days (no winner)
  33. Zardoz (Phil Chamberlain)
  34. LA Takedown (no winner)
  35. The Good German (no winner)
  36. Razorback (no winner)
  37. 2019 (no winner)
  38. High Heels And Low Lives (no winner)
  39. Behind Enemy Lines (James Barlow)
  40. Bronson (no winner)
  41. Batman Returns (James Barlow)
  42. The Molly Maguires (no winner)
  43. DOA: Dead Or Alive (no winner)
  44. The Exorcist III (no winner)
  45. The Comedians (no winner)
  46. The Last Valley (no winner)
  47. When We Were Kings (no winner)
  48. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (no winner)
  49. Decision Before Dawn (no winner)
  50. The Monster Club (no winner)
  51. L’Armée Des Ombres AKA Army Of Shadows (no winner)
  52. Tuntematon Sotilas [1985] (no winner)
  53. Sunday (no winner)
  54. Assassin(s) (no winner)
  55. Hunger (Sam)
  56. Die Fälschung (no winner)
  57. Le Convoyeur (no winner)
  58. The Informers (no winner)
  59. Le Pacte Des Loups (no winner)
  60. Dahmer (no winner)
  61. Sexmission (no winner)
  62. The Looking Glass War (no winner)
  63. Q The Winged Serpent (no winner)
  64. BRD Trilogie 1: The Marriage Of Maria Braun (no winner)
  65. The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (no winner)
  66. Guy X (no winner)
  67. Terminator: Salvation (no winner)
  68. Un Prophète (John)
  69. Terminator 2 (John)
  70. Roadside Prophets (no winner)
  71. Freebie & The Bean (no winner)
  72. Circus (no winner)
  73. Flammen & Citronen (no winner)
  74. King Of New York (no winner)
  75. Max Manus (no winner)
  76. Villain (no winner)
  77. The Eagle Has Landed (no winner)
  78. Shopping (no winner)
  79. Casino Jack (no winner)
  80. Def-con 4 (no winner)
  81. Busting (no winner)
  82. The Ghost Writer (nymphomation)
  83. Snowtown (no winner)
  84. Silent Scream (no winner)
  85. Perrier’s Bounty (no winner)
  86. Never So Few (no winner)
  87. Men Behind The Sun (no winner)
  88. Jonah Hex (no winner)
  89. Jaws (no winner)
  90. H3 (no winner)
  91. Deep Cover (no winner)
  92. Clockwise (no winner)
  93. Ocean’s Thirteen (no winner)
  94. State Of Grace (no winner)
  95. The Last Confession Of Alexander Pearce (no winner)
  96. Van Diemen’s Land (no winner)


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