I’ve been posting up screengrabs from movies and TV under the banner of Screenage Kicks for a while now on my main site Bristle’s Blog From The BunKRS for a while now, and to be honest it was starting to take it over.

In an attempt to stop alienating what few readers I have there who are more interested in Derr Serious Stuff, I have decided to hive off all this nonsense – the puking, the explosions, the falling from great heights – and give it its own home.

So, here we are: Screenage Kicks: The Blog.

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Framed Documents #407: Sewers Of Gold

I watched the gripping heist procedural Sewers Of Gold yesterday. It’s also known as The Great Riviera Bank Robbery and Dirty Money.

Directed by Francis Megahy and starring Ian McShane, it’s a curious one, as it’s based on a real plot in which a group of French fascist-linked hoods led by one Albert Spaggiari tunnelled into the Société Générale in Nice and broke into hundreds of safety deposit boxes before making off with the world’s then-largest haul. I found myself rooting for them all the way through.

Anyway, here’s Lovejoy’s attempt at a ‘peace symbol’, looking suspiciously like product placement for Mercedes-Benz.




The raid was previously filmed as Les Egouts De Paradis, and then again in 2008 as Sans Arme, Ni Haine, Ni Violence, which is essentially the motto as above.

Young, Gifted & Slack #016: John Henshaw (Cracker S2E3)

Here we have John Henshaw – in only his second IMDb-credited performance, coming three years after his role as ‘Minder 1’ in Bleasdale’s G.B.H. – as an unfortunate quarry foreman who discovers Albie Kinsella (Robert Carlyle) rummaging around in the explosives store during the seminal Cracker storyline ‘To Be Somebody‘.

Henshaw later became more familiar through roles such as the cynical tetanus-jawed northern pig Roy Brammell in BBC2’s The Cops and weary landlord Ken in pub sitcom Early Doors. Oh, and starring in them Post Office ads.

It was after twenty-odd years of proper jobs – including being a milkman, a street sweeper and a binman – that at the age of 40 he decided to have a crack at that there acting lark.